Sometimes, activity level gets to slow down. Often, Life accelerates. So much of life is measured, defined, created, and remembered with and through the context and constraints of time. Time for this and time for that; not enough time, too much time,timeless; time as a friend, time as an enemy; time as linear, time beyond circumference. Time is relationship to what we know and love; to what we imagine or fear; to what is or what may be. Our connection to who, what, and whose we are and what we aspire to be–the framework that holds us together in the perspective of where, what, when, how, and now; yesterday, tomorrow, and always. Time: my choice for this week’s blog as I Pause in wonder, awe, and questioning for the rest of 2019.

Currently, Gerry and I are transitioning through every corridor, roundabout, and backwoods trail of our lives. Changes in residences, detours, remodels, and adjustments related to time and space have been exciting, paramount, and all-consuming.

Time to pull back and recenter, a.k.a., time for vacation. Vacations are the occasions we let go of to do lists, meetings, obligations, and schedules. Adventures lift us to rechargers, outside of routine and the ordinary, creating space and time for new ideas and exploring.

I’m grateful Gerry and I are alive, together, celebrating exciting happenings and becomings in this new chapter of our lives. For me, I choose to take time to consider what’s next to create from my love of writing. This August marks my 9th transplant anniversary. Life is full and wonderful. I feel blessed, grateful, and so happy!😊.

August is a vacation from blogging so that I intentionally take time to question what I choose to create with the gift of time I’ve been given. Writing is a great love of my life, and it may not manifest as weekly blogging come September.

To Pause is to be still. To take time is to be with myself and God. To be. Amen.

Love and blessing,


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