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Transcending Transformation: A Pause to consider Transcendence.

To transform is to change greatly/extremely the appearance or form of something. To transcend means to pass beyond the limits of something. To transcend transformation is the ariel view from 30,000 feet, an observation point beyond the right, wrong, good, and bad of any particular experience. Transformation leads to transcendence. There’s a prerequisite required to travel to transcendence: Stop resisting change. “The blessing is in the stretching.” For this pause, dear reader, I invite you to closet your judgments and join me beyond any self-imposed boundaries. This blog is an invitation to travel with me to the sweet spot of the universe: Transcendence.

The journey to transformation requires living the questions and responding with continual questioning: asking and seeking. The journey to transformation requires action: knocking, opening a door, a window, or doing whatever it takes to change, accept, embrace, create what is calling to change in my life. The journey to transformation requires beginning again and letting go of what doesn’t serve my longing for my life or my world.

Transformation usually takes place within a construct: box, context, boundaries and borders, often illusionary or self-protective. When my boundaries, borders, boxes and context can no longer contain my growth, a larger construct is created. Transcendence becomes possible when this methodology can no longer contain my soul within my experience.

To transcend false beliefs, hate, anger, all the attitudes, thoughts, and more or less justifiable beliefs we use to create ourselves, we need/get to consciously let go, to surrender our judgments, comparisons, interpretations, self-righteousness; our need to be heard, understood and valued by others; and our attachments  to feeling significant or powerful. Surrender of who we think we are so that we can open to become who we truly are leads to Transcendence. Moving beyond lack or limitation, anything is possible! Free, Light, Alive, Present, and Gracious: Amen.

I recently read an article by an interesting personage, Jeremy Hendon. He wrote that if you want to live a life you love, you have three options.

1. Try to change the world around you.
2. Try to change yourself.
3. Let go of all change to act from a place of spontaneity, joy, and perfection.

I believe that “try” is a word that means “choose”. If I try at something, I have the ability to accomplish what I set out to accomplish—It may be arduous, I could lose my life “trying” to do whatever I set out to accomplish. My commitment, my level of effort dictates my success in some ways but not all ways. The letting go piece of option three takes me to the plane of possibility where transformation leaps into the realms of transcendence. To be available, present, fearless in the “whatever, whenever” is a courageous way to begin to acknowledge transcendence as a vehicle for a life of peace, joy, and love.

When I spend my life trying to change our world or myself, I often become attached to what that transformation looks like. When I let go of my attachment to what transformation looks and feels like; for example, growth or improvement; I allow Spirit to work through me, beyond me and our world as a universal creative force. My intuition, or whatever I choose to call or name it, guides me with transcendence to the possibilities of life beyond myself.

Listening to the inner voice rather than the outer clamor.

Serendipity. Synchronicity. Great forces beyond us we don’t have words or music for. Trusting these forces, however we name or claim them, opens the portals for love and joy to bring bliss to beingness, regardless of circumstance.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Everything is perfect.” Not in the perfection itself; rather in the offering transcendence can bring to definition of experience. What we vision and intend for our world we are called to bring through our own ways of being and doing. Transformation is a necessary step. Stretching further is worth it for all of us. Life provides glimpses of transcendence. Let’s grow these glimpses into the radiance of all we were created to be.

May we transcend that which precludes us from fully embracing the loving, peaceful humanity we were created to be.


One thought on “Transcendence

  1. I loved this blog on Transcendence. It ranks with my favorites of all of your blogs. I also loved your photographs.

    Love, Nancy



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