A Pause in Solitude


Gratefully blessed by my own company, I write this ode to Solitude. My definition of Solitude is presence with soul (I) and “the dude”( my colloquialism for God as friend, spirit, mentor, guider, truth). I hear, see, feel, touch, and taste good, love, and possibility when I create alone time for myself and the Holy Spirit that is my very source, essence, and soul of being. When I choose alone time, I allow my spirit to reach toward the loftiest vibration of being. I slow down significantly.  I empty.   I pour.  I fill.  I accept.  I give thanks. I become a vessel to grow into. I become inspired, mentored from beyond, and led by unseen visions of my best self and the highest and best aspirations from my Source for being.


Solitude is a holy, sacred space for being and becoming. It’s a, “Here I am Lord!” in fullest expression journeying to the highest summit of union, congruence, and bliss. Solitude is choosing to enter a state of grace with humility, gratitude and allowance for the spiritual unfolding that always happens when Spirit invites me, and I accept my calling to journey at one with God.

From my soul time with God, I gather inspiration, connection, and creative ideology for forward movement. In my contemplative prayer, meditation, and deep listening, I let go, surrender, and empty of what doesn’t serve my best self or the highest good. I grow awareness of ways of being supporting what I’d love to bring to my experiences of life in this world, my dreams, and desires. My solo time graces me with clarity essential to moving forward in my life without fear or regret. When I’m alone in sacred time with spirit, Love holds my hand, heart, and soul. Thank you, God.
Being lonely, alone, or solitary isn’t the same as the sacred space of solitude. Solitude is sanctuary:   holy, transformational, wonderful, and as necessary to my soul as breath is to my body.
Wishing you the joy and blessing of solitude as we embrace the wonders within summer’s splendor.




One thought on “Solitude

  1. Dearest Carol,

    This is one of my favorites of your blogs. I love the subject and feel aligned with everything you say about solitude.

    Love, Nancy



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