A Jovial Pause


Today’s word is JOVIAL—a word that always inspires my smile and calls me to embrace a lifted exuberance of spirit. Jovial means joyful, playful, cheerful, friendly, jolly…. Jovial is a very agreeable description for someone enjoying a happy time. It would be really disjointed for a jovial person to be depressed. A jovial soul is in love with the moment and carries me into his attitude just by choosing to be jovial.
A jovial person brings gusto to wherever he/she is. Joyous humor and a spirit of good-fellowship characterize a jovial enthusiast. Jovialness is the noun we use to define a convivial mirth, a merriment, an agreeable, good- humor-filled occasion.
Sometimes the word, “jovial” is confused with the words “jocose”, “jocular” and “jocund”. Each word contains unique nuances. A “jocose” person is one who is promoting laughter in others, given to joking and being somewhat silly, comical. A “jocular” person is humorous, facetious, and kind of “in your face” with their presentation. “Jocund” is a literary word describing a cheerful, light-heartedly glad person. These words are somewhat the same, but oh, so different.
I’ve learned, in my love for words, that there often exists a preferred or better word for what I want to write and how I choose to speak. I can have a skip in my step as I incubate a fun plan in my head and be jocund. When I’m contagious with joy and laughter, I experience myself as jovial. Jovialness is one of my favorite modes of self-expression, because, for me, it can’t be faked. I can be a deeply unhappy soul with a jocose façade, but jovial can’t describe me unless I’m authentically experiencing jovialness. I convey humor through outrageous drama and sarcasm when I choose jocular modes of expressing myself. My favorite self, at the appropriate moments, is jovial.
Words so similar, yet with nuances that separate how I truly feel and what I show to the world outside of me.

yellow plush toy

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wishing you a jovial week,

With joy and a smile,

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