One of my very favorite words of all time is the word, “Inspiration.” Inspiration connects me to good, love, and possibility; to creativity, imagination, intuition, and spirit; to miraculous innovation, divine guidance, and illuminated, enthusiastic thoughts and feelings. Inspiration is the word, thought, and feeling that lifts me to soaring at 30,000 feet. It gifts me invention, solution, joy and original ideology that bless my life in countless ways. Inspiration is the benison of my being—Thank you, God!

Inspiration is the way of being that connects my outside, in the world, way of being and doing, and my inside authentic way of seeing grace, beauty and possibility. My outside persona may be joyful, fun, creative, or compassionate—whatever I’m choosing to be on any given day. Inside myself there is an inner world of imagination and intuition, an authenticity that is sourced from the goodness, light and love that created all being. When I connect my outer joy to the love I am through the conduit of choosing to be inspired, I am the complete expression of who I have chosen to be. From that chosen expression of self, I create abundant vision for creation of what it is I choose to vision. I give thanks, happy dance, and sing. Amen! And, so it is.


Inspiration is the flame of the Holy Spirit. It fuels the wells of imagination, one of the greatest sources of spirit. Inspiration sparks me to listen to the inner voice that leads me to my best self, and to intuition, spirit’s best friend for all responsible, intentional dreaming and manifesting into being.

Inspired creation—nature, great art and literature, beautiful music, laughter of a happy baby, the excited prancing of a dog with a new toy, people praying, marching, chanting together, the stillness of beginnings and beginnings again—Inspiration knows no limits or boundaries. With leaps and bounds it infinitely moves all creation to the freedom of pure possibility, the place where miracles prevail and all is one.
Today, I choose inspiration as the magical means to live a life of miraculous possibility.

What inspires you today?



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