While pondering what “E” word to write about today, I drove by a daycare center with a large two-sided billboard. I first noticed the billboard on the way home from yoga, and the message on the eastern façade of the sign read, “Try to be the rainbow in somebody’s cloud.” When I drove to yoga the next time, I eagerly looked for the colorful rainbow message on the western facing side of the sign. Instead, the other sign of the billboard read, “Enthusiasm moves the world.” I became enthused about that message because it was the rainbow in my cloud of choosing between equanimity and equalitarianism, both of which were a bit heady and out of proportion for my word of the week selection. Enthusiasm rescued me from laborious methodology as this week’s word!
I get so excited about being alive in such an extraordinary world. When I experience intense, eager enjoyment, interest or approval, I am lifted from the doldrums to fly upon the wings of ardent inspiration with every adventure. Enthusiasm, for me, is the difference between plodding along a rutted, muddy path on a cold, windy, wet, dark day; and actually, soaring high in a pure blue sky with fluffy white patches of elephant shaped clouds, purveying the beauty of the world with imaginative creativity in flights of wonder and awe. Enthusiasm definitely rocks my world, and in turn, when I engage with enthusiastic others, my world becomes our world and we are a team in the joy and blessing process. If I meet an enthusiastic being while traversing a murky road, I am blessed by that enthusiasm; perhaps, forever changed because of a bird’s song, the wag of a dog’s tail, a tree’s bow; an infectious smile; a shared laugh; insights gleaned, inspired, and shared; eventually, my direction changed toward enthusiasm’s infinite vista of what is good, loving, and possible.
Enthusiasm produces and attracts energy. The noun comes from a Greek word, enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired.” Originally, the word was used in a manner to describe religious fervor/zeal (i.e., talking in tongues, frantic movements and body flailing), excessive enough to be judged in a derogatory manner by mainstream “normals.” Because we often “freak out” or judge what we don’t understand or feel uncomfortable experiencing, the religious definition of enthusiasm doesn’t command a high regard or respect by most enthusiasts of this word.

What I like about the origin of this word, is the thought that infused with spirit, being inspired (connected to God/good, love, and possibility), brings all kinds of miraculous vision and intention to my experience of life in this world.

Enthusiasm heals what is broken, hikes challenging mountains, wades through weeds and thorns. It inspires me to survive, even thrive, with joy and immersion in the immensity of awe, wonder, and goodness available to all of us on planet Earth when we choose to be enthusiastic. When I am congruent with who I choose to be (maybe a rainbow in somebody’s cloud?) and live in sync with spirit and inspiration, I am living my enthusiasm and moving the world in the direction of my vision for love, peace, joy and blessing for all creation.

How are you moving the world today?


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